Visual Campaign Builder

Now you can create marketing automation campaigns and workflows with our visual campaign builder. Choose various conditions, decisions and actions to send personalised messages to your prospects in real time without any manual intervention.

Campaigns are easy to create, manage and analytics are available in real time. Try out the intuitive visual campaign builder today.

Omni Channel Marketing Automation

Track, monitor and communicate with prospects and customers on multiple marketing channels in real time.


Email marketing at it’s best! Create responsive emails, manage automatic email/drip campaigns, newsletters, transactional and promotional mails

Pop Ups

Serve personalised content, get sign-ups, increase engagement, generate leads and do much more with persoanlized popups

Push Notifications

Targeted push campaigns to bring dormant visitors back to your website with dynamic push notifications delivered on web and mobile

Social Media

Smart social media marketing module to monitor brand mentions, relevant hashtags and create dynamic lead lists based on contacts' Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram activity

Dynamic Content

Take content personalization to the next level with dynamic content where you can customise your website content for every visitor based on 50+ parameters


Reporting and Analytics

An intuitive customizable dashboard built to help Marketers and Business Leaders monitor important marketing metrics, track campaigns and get a 360° view of Marketing

Entire company's Marketing snapshot on a single dashboard

Customizable reports for every need

Integrate with Google Analytics

Stay on top of your Marketing & Sales

Lead Management

Robust lead management module built grounds-up to help you segment and manage leads dynamically.


Manage blog and newsletters subscribers and send them customised newsletters based on their preference.


Identify prospects from leads based on lead scores, online behavior and other pre-defined parameters.

Anonymous Visitors

Use MarketingLeo to identify, engage and convert anonymous visitors into paying customers


Delight customers and keep them hooked to your product/service and never lose a customer again.


Automation Rules

Create automation rules based on triggers, actions, conditions, lead scores and more factors to ensure your prospects and customers get the right information at the right moment.


Trigger omnichannel automatic marketing campaigns based on events, actions and conditions

Lead Scoring

Dynamic lead scoring module to score and prioritise hot leads over others in real-time

Create and Manage Marketing Assets

Easy to use drag-and-drop builder tools to create and manage marketing collaterals like forms, Dynamic Content, pop ups, push notifications without the help of IT.

Form Builder

Create responsive web forms for your website or landing pages and dynamically manage leads, assign lead score, send transactional & promotional signup emails or simply assign tags on form submission. All without the help of IT.

Content Repository

Share content marketing collaterals like eBooks, whitepapers, video content, brochures etc. with your customers and track the open/click/download metrics.

Content Repository

Share content marketing collaterals like eBooks, whitepapers, video content, brochures etc. with your customers and track the open/click/download metrics.

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